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In collaboration with optogenetics research community, we've put together this hardware kit designed specifically for new and expanding optogenetics labs.
The kit includes all of the optics and accessories that you need to attach the laser to your subject. All components have been specially selected to work together, to eliminate compatibility issues and let you move forward with confidence.
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 X10DR 10x Beam Expander


The X10DR is a 10X beam expander custom-built to easily attach to the Aries or Hercules Series lasers. Effectively reducing the divergence of these lasers by a factor of 10 the X10DR eliminates the limitations of lasers with standard divergence in applications requiring extended working distances. The adjustable focus feature allows for maximum versatility while the three high quality AR coated lenses transmit >98% of the laser’s output power.

The X10DR was the first beam expander ever developed specifically for a portable laser and Laserglow is proud to remain at the forefront of innovation in the portable laser industry.

Package includes:
  • X10DR 10x beam expander
  • Allen key
  • Nylon-Tipped Mounting screws

Divergence Comparison
Minimum Spot Size Explanation
Long Distance Simulation
Item Details Price (USD) Availability Order Now
ADR00HXXX X10DR-Hercules 532nm Expansion: 10x $389.00
ADR00AXXX X10DR-Aries 532nm Expansion: 10X $389.00

You can save $100 on the purchase of any X10DR by bundling it with an Aries or Hercules series laser. Please see the Aries and Hercules product pages for more details.

Note: Actual laser and tripod are shown for illustration purposes, and are sold separately.

Model X10DR-A (Aries) X10DR-H (Hercules)
Outer Dimensions (mm) 68 (l) x 44.2 (d) 68 (l) x 60.3 (d)
Expansion 10x 10x
Maximum Input Beam Width (mm) 2 2
Output Aperture (mm) 20 20
Design Wavelength 532nm 532nm
AR Coating T = multi-coat 99.8% T = multi-coat 99.8%
AR Coated Surfaces All All
Warranty Period 6 months 6 months

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