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 GlowMount Tripod Adaptor

GlowMount Tripod Adaptor

Hold your laser steady and hands-free with the GlowMount Universal Tripod Adaptor for our Aries, Hercules and Galileo series lasers. Each tripod adaptor is specially machined to fit our lasers perfectly, and mounts to any standard camera tripod using a ¼-20 thread. Great for construction, alignment, long-exposure photography, steady long range pointing and any other application that demands a stable beam. The black anodized coating prevents scratching and accidental reflections for safety and durability. The laser is held in place using a plastic-tipped hex screw to avoid damaging the laser housing.
Hex key is included, thumb screws are also available as an additional accessory.

  • Starting at: $24
  • Mounting: ¼-20 threading for standard camera tripods
  • Suitable for: Aries series, Hercules series or Galileo series lasers (Choose your model when ordering)
  • Package includes: GlowMount tripod adapter, nylon-tipped set screw and an Allen key
  • Key Feature: Mounts to any standard camera tripod, non-reflective and scratch resistant

Item Details Price (USD) Availability Order Now
AGM00GXXX Galileo GlowMount Tripod Adaptor 20.1mm ID $24.00
AGM00AXXX Aries GlowMount Tripod Adaptor $29.00
AGM00HXXX Hercules GlowMount Tripod Adaptor $29.00

The GlowMount is a tripod adaptor only. This part does not include the actual tripod.

  • The Hercules GlowMount can also fit the Scorpius Pro and Scorpius-D Pro.
  • The Aries GlowMount can also fit the Orion, Orion-HV, Vega, Scorpius, and Scorpius-D.
  • The Galileo GlowMount also fits the Taurus.

All GlowMounts are also compatible with the Deluxe Mounting Brackets to permanently attach the laser to a surface.
Model Galileo GlowMount Aries GlowMount Hercules GlowMount
Outer Dimensions (mm) 12.8 x 26.8 x 29.6 15.8 x 36.5 x 39.5 25.2 x 47.5 x 50.8
Threading ¼-20 ¼-20 ¼-20
Material Machined Aluminum Machined Aluminum Machined Aluminum
Coating Black anodizing Black anodizing Black anodizing

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