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In collaboration with optogenetics research community, we've put together this hardware kit designed specifically for new and expanding optogenetics labs.
The kit includes all of the optics and accessories that you need to attach the laser to your subject. All components have been specially selected to work together, to eliminate compatibility issues and let you move forward with confidence.
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Laser Pointers and Portable Lasers

Laser Pointers: Low power, safe for general use
  • Laser pointers are great tools for business presentations, academic lectures, speaking engagements, astronomy, star-pointing, etc.
  • Green laser pointers are 5 to 20 times brighter than traditional red laser pointers, so visibility is much better on projection screens, HDTVs, etc.
  • Exotic laser pointer colors like blue, violet, and yellow draw more attention to your presentation.
High-Powered Portable Lasers: Battery powered lasers for use where AC power is unavailable or inconvenient. (Scroll down for full list.)
  • High-powered portable lasers do not require AC power to operate.
  • High-powered lasers can generate heat at close range. Extreme caution is to be exercised while employing these lasers.

Laser Pointers (presentations, astronomy/star-pointing, etc.)

Anser - 3 - 5 mW (click for details)
Green Laser Pointer
Our most economical green laser pointer! Very bright, long range, high quality. Works on HDTV and projector screens and can even be used for astronomy / star-pointing! All-black housing with quality carrying case.

Lyra - 1 - 5 mW (click for details)
Green Laser Pointer
Green laser pointers in several housing options including the Lyra classic black/gold glossy, Lyra-C sleek chrome, and Lyra-G sleek chrome with gold accents. Popular with business professionals, medical professionals and educators.
$49.00 - $60.00

Platinum Plated Luna Pt - 3 - 5 mW (click for details)
Green Laser Pointer
A Laserglow exclusive product! Your choice of 18k gold or pure platinum plating gives this green laser pointer a touch of elegance. Perfect for business or academic presentations where your appearance matters most. Makes a great gift for anybody who gives presentations or lectures!
$79.00 - $99.00

Altair - 3 - 5 mW (click for details)
Green Focus-Adjustable Laser Pointer
Features beam focusing optics allowing user to change projected laser spot size.
$59.00 - $79.00

Galileo - 3 - 5 mW (click for details)
Green Click-On-Click-Off Laser Pointer
Click-on, Click-off switch laser pointer, ideal for continuous hands-free operation such as star-pointing in astronomy presentations.
$69.00 - $89.00

Taurus - 3 - 5 mW (click for details)
Red Laser Pointer
NEW! 635 nm red laser pointer. The brightest in it's class. Click-on, click-off switch allows hands-free operation and easy use when continuous operation is required.

Galileo3-Taurus (click for details)
Red and Green Laser Pointer Combo
The constant-on/off feature and 100% duty cycle of these two lasers has made them our flagship pointers. Now available as a set, each pointer comes in its own case and batteries included. This combo-pack makes an ideal gift for the laser pointer enthusiast, student, and budding astronomer.

Galileo Pro - 3 - 5 mW (click for details)
Green Battery-Powered Laser With Adjustable Beam Angle
Galileo with adjustable beam alignment. Specialized for free standing alignment for rotating applications. Adjustable set screws to direct beam parallel to housing (due to the many optical components inherent to a laser pointer, beams in most hand held laser pointers are not normally parallel to the housing).
$129.00 - $149.00

Rigel - 0.6 - 5 mW (click for details)
Yellow Laser Pointer
Amaze the audience at your presentation with this extremely rare yellow laser pointer.
$399.00 - $599.00

Rigel HV - 0.6 - 5 mW (click for details)
Yellow High-Visibility Laser Pointer
The brightest yellow pointer, more visible than the original Rigel series.
$489.00 - $689.00

Electra - 2 - 5 mW (click for details)
Violet Laser Pointer
Causes fluorescence effects in certain materials, shortest wavelength available in a laser pointer.

Hydra - 2 - 5 mW (click for details)
Blue Laser Pointer
Cutting-edge diode laser technology is what makes this blue laser pointer both unique and affordable.

Aquarius - 0.6 - 5 mW (click for details)
Blue Laser Pointer
The most sought-after blue laser pointer in the world, with blue laser light being the most technologically complicated to produce.
$399.00 - $549.00

High-Powered Portable Lasers (Battery powered lasers for use where AC power is unavailable or inconvenient.)

Aries - 20 - 199 mW (click for details)
Green High Power Portable Laser
Our most popular high-powered portable laser. Commercial uses include astronomy, bird abatement, signaling, scientific field work. Beam is visible for kilometers, runs on standard C-size batteries. The best high-powered portable green laser available anywhere!
$229.00 - $539.00

Hercules - 225 - 699 mW (click for details)
Green Maximum Power Portable Laser
World's most powerful portable laser in the visible spectrum. True 100% duty cycle. Our most visible green portable laser with the longest possible range.
$839.00 - $3789.00

Electra Pro - 2 - 299 mW (click for details)
Violet Portable Laser
Causes fluorescence effects in certain materials, shortest wavelength available in a portable laser.
$339.00 - $939.00

Hydra Pro - 400 - 499 mW (click for details)
Blue Portable Laser
Affordable high power blue portable lasers are now a reality thanks to major advancements in blue laser diode technology.

Polaris - 100 - 1200 mW (click for details)
Blue Maximum Power Portable Laser
At over 1000 mW sustained output power, the Polaris is the most powerful portable blue laser available!
$389.00 - $1489.00

Aquarius Pro - 5 - 9 mW (click for details)
Blue Portable Laser
This high-powered blue DPSS laser offers high visibility in a wavelength usually reserved for expensive laboratory lasers.

Rigel HV PRO - 10 - 29 mW (click for details)
Yellow High-Visibility Portable Laser
The brightest and most visible portable yellow laser.
$889.00 - $989.00

Vega - 2 - 14 mW (click for details)
Yellow Portable Laser
The original portable yellow laser.
$799.00 - $1599.00

Orion PRO - 100 - 499 mW (click for details)
Red Portable DPSS Laser
At 671 nm the Orion Pro emits in the deeper red portion of the visible spectrum.

Scorpius - 250 - 799 mW (click for details)
Infrared Portable Laser
High power IR laser with an invisible beam. Raw power for thermal experiments and frequency-doubling experiments.
$689.00 - $1189.00

Scorpius D Pro - 2000 - 2399 mW (click for details)
Infrared Portable Laser
Most powerful near-IR diode laser in the world with an invisible beam. Raw power for thermal experiments, nightvision illumination, DPSS laser pumping, and experimentation.

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