Laser Safety Goggles - Sport Frames

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 Laser Safety Goggles - Sport Frames

Sport Laser Safety Goggles

Protect your vision with these US made, lab-grade laser safety goggles. Our goggles are impact resistant, ANSI certified and come in a variety of lens types to suit all diode and DPSS lasers sold by Laserglow. The Sport frames are designed with a close fitting sunglass-style fit for ultimate comfort and style. If you wear eyeglasses you may also want to look at our Fitover goggles which are designed to accommodate eyeglasses while still providing comfortable and effective protection against accidental exposure.

Please note that laser safety goggles are not returnable for health and safety reasons. Exchange under warranty only. Please be sure that you have selected the right goggles for your application before making your purchase. If you require assistance in selecting the right model please contact our staff, who will be happy to assist you.

Key Features:
  • Lens material: Polycarbonate
  • Wavelength coverage: Choose when ordering
  • Package includes: Laser safety goggles, protective carrying case, lanyard strap and micro-fibre cleaning cloth
  • Made in: USA
  • Special Glareshield model for Pilots AGS5323PX

Please note: The frame style of this model has been improved and now includes a clip-in insert allowing user to install prescription lenses behind the laser shield, product not exactly as shown in images.

Item Details Price (USD) Availability Order Now
AGS5322XX Optical Density: 2+ at 400-532 nm $89.00
AGS5327XX Optical Density: 7+ at 190-532 nm $89.00
AGS6602XX Optical Density: 1.5+ at 630-700 nm $89.00
AGS6605XX Optical Density: 5+ at 606-694 nm $109.00
AGS5323PX Optical Density: 2.5+ at 532 nm (Pilot Glareshield) $155.00

Quantity Discounts:
Receive a 5.00% discount when ordering at least 2 Laser Safety Goggles - Sport Framess
Receive a 10.00% discount when ordering at least 10 Laser Safety Goggles - Sport Framess

Do you wear eyeglasses? Try our Fitover Laser Safety Goggles instead!

Model AGS5322XX AGS5327XX AGS6602XX AGS6605XX AGS5323PX
Optical Density OD 5+ @ 190-380nm
OD 2+ @ 400-532nm
OD 7 + @ 190-532nm OD 5+ @ 190-380nm
OD 1.5+ @ 630-700nm
OD 5+ @ 190-380nm
OD 5+ @ 606-694nm
OD 1.5+ @ 445-450nm
OD 2.5+ @ 532nm
VLT 21% 48% 39% 9.20% 49%
Commonly Used For UV, blue and green lasers: 190-532nm up to 500mW UV, blue and green lasers: 190-532nm above 500mW Red Lasers: 630-700nm up to 150mW Red lasers: 606-694nm above 500mW Pilots - Blue and Green: 445-532nm to eliminate cockpit windscreen glare from ground-based pointers

Please Note: The above stated power levels are to be used only as a guideline, user is responsible for the safe use of lasers and laser safety eyewear.

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