Tripods - Handhelds, alignment and laser levels

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Laseerglow now offers a variety of commercial and industrial grade tripods for handheld, alignment and leveling lasers. Multiple models offer a wide range of heights and options.
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 Tripods - Handhelds, alignment and laser levels

Provides a stable aiming platform for hands-free or long range tasks.

These tabletop and standard tripods are compact, adjustable, and perfect for stable hands-free operation of handheld pointers, Brightline alignment lasers and Horizon Laser Levels. The standard 1/4-20 threading (the same as any other camera tripod) allows for attachment to our GlowMount tripod adapter which is suitable for the Galileo, Taurus, Aries, Hercules, Orion, Vega, or Scorpius handheld lasers. Our tripods also attach directly to any of our Brightline Series alignment lasers. The tripods fold up for easy storage or travel, and when fully extended they offer a stable platform so your laser beam will stay fixed on target at any range.

Key Features:
  • Adjustable height and stance.
  • Tested for balance and stability with all of our portable, Brightline and Horizon products.
  • Folds up for convenient storage or transport. Tripod storage bag included with all models
  • Ball head and Thru-centre options available for the ATPCD6 model tripod

Use with the GlowMount Tripod Adapter (for portable lasers), or attach directly to any Brightline Series alignment laser or Horizon Laser Level.
Item Details Price (USD) Availability Order Now
ATPC30XXX Mini Tripod
Max height 175mm
1/4-20 thread
ATP0THXXX Thru-hole central column for ATPCD6XXX
5/8" thread
ATP0U0XXX Ballhead for ATPCD6XXX
1/4-20 thread
ATPC50XXX Table Top Tripod
Max height 600mm
1/4-20 thread
ATPC70XXX Professional Tripod
Max height 1580mm
1/4-20 thread
ATPCD6XXX Professional Tripod
Max height 1800mm
base only-no head
ATPCD6HXX Professional Tripod
Max height 1800mm
includes 5/8" thread thru-hole column
ATPCD6UXX Professional Tripod
Max height 1800mm
includes Ball Head
1/4-20 thread

Colour may vary.

Compact and High Capacity Tabletop Tripods

Compact model: ATPC30XXX
  • Compact design
  • Locking push-pull ballhead adjustment
  • Max.Load : 1.5kg , Max.H :175mm , Min.H : 75mm

  • Tabletop Model: ATPC50XXX
  • Quick release locking ballhead for maximum head angles
  • Leg tube locking system
  • Anti-skid rubber pads
  • High impact aluminum alloy
  • Center weight design for added stability
  • Max.Load : 2.5kg, Max.H : 600mm, Min.H : 145mm

  • Pro Model (extra low height adjustment):
    ATPCD6UXX (ballhead), ATPCD6HXX (5/8" thread thru-hole column)
  • Aviation grade aluminum
  • Removable monopod (1 leg) with antifreeze comfort foam
  • Fast flip locking system
  • Adjustable to low angle/low height
  • Adjustable head with liquid sight level
  • Grooved tubes for added strength and stability
  • Max.Load : 6kg , Max.H :1800mm, Min.H : 84.5mm

  • Pro Model: ATPC70XXX
  • Industrial grade aluminum alloy
  • Panoramic head
  • Counter weight hook
  • Removeable center column
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Quick lock leg fastening system
  • Max.Load : 6kg, Max.H :1580mm, Min.H : 210mm

  • Colour may vary.

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