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Laserglow Wavefront Industrial - Safety Series Benefits

Published 2019-01-22

Do you use painted or taped lines to separate people from heavy machinery?

Are you tired of constantly repainting and taping your safety zones?

Does this negatively impact productivity as a result of facility downtime?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Laserglow’s Hazard Zone Projection Systems may be the ideal product for your facility. Here at Laserglow, we work with our customers to develop cutting edge solutions to enhance awareness thereby reducing near-misses and improving overall safety. Our friendly and helpful customer service team are here to help with any question you may have. Meet them below.


Painting/Taping vs. Virtual Illumination of Floor Lines

Every factory, warehouse, or loading dock has heavy machinery working in close proximity to people. A major challenge for every facility is to ensure employee safety when around this machinery, whether it be forklifts, tuggers, or cranes etc.

The typical solution has been to use paint or tape to demarcate walkways that are safe for pedestrian use. For busy intersections, painted signs or stickers are often used to indicate a hazard. However, these traditional techniques:

  • Incurs overtime or increased costs for hiring third parties to paint / tape these zones
  • Requires constant upkeep and maintenance as paint/ tape degrades rapidly in busy environments
  • Results in lost revenue and productivity due to facility shut downs for maintenance
  • Reduces safety between paintings/tapings as visibility of safety zones diminishes
  • Results in lost revenue and productivity due to facility shut downs for maintenance


Laserglow’s Hazard Zone Projection Systems use LEDs and Lasers to replace painted or taped lines, as well as static stickered signage. These virtual projection systems are:

  • Easy to install and virtually maintenance free – you set them and forget them
  • Highly Durable - No wear and tear from foot traffic.
  • Cost Effective - Eliminates the need for repainting or purchasing new safety labels.
  • Ultra-Visible - Attracts more attention because it is an active projection.
  • Easily interchangeable - Simply switch out the image projection lens when you need to project new signage

Projected Virtual LinesPainted LinesTaped Lines
Cost/In ft$17.11$19.75$28.40

80W Projector300W ProjectorStickers
Cost/Sign (over 5 years)$2,470.00$3,570.00$32,000.00

Click here to learn about our Industrial Safety Solutions, and If you have any questions, please contact one our industrial sales rep: sales@laserglow.com