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IndustrialVirtual Walkways and Projected Signage – A Case Study in Visual Warehouse Hazard Management

Corning - Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Published 2020-01-25

Corning’s Harrodsburg Plant has an amazing history of manufacturing, development, and innovation which continues to grow and evolve while maintaining its roots in glass manufacturing. A cornerstone of this long history is its commitment to excellence and its employees. It was this commitment to employee wellbeing, that Corning embarked on a journey to enhance pedestrian awareness to hazards in their facility, such as forklifts and other material handling equipment.  

Corning had been using traditional tape and paint to demarcate walkways and lanes throughout their facility to create safe pathways for pedestrian use.  For busy intersections, they were using physical traffic signs. However, Corning was faced with an uphill challenge of constantly maintaining and upkeeping these areas as the paint and tape would wear off with forklift traffic. In addition, they were experiencing issues of pedestrian complacency to physical signs.

Corning reached out to one of Laserglow’s resellers, Acklands Grainger, to help them find a better solution. Laserglow took a holistic approach to evaluate Corning’s health and safety program and proposed a dynamic and flexible visual hazard management solution. This included:

  • VirtuaLineâ„¢ Line Lasers – compact, eye safe, modular, IP67 rated, plug and play laser devices, capable of producing thin, highly visible lines. VirtuaLine Lasers project indestructible floor lines that eliminates the need for maintenance that is required with traditional marking solutions like floor tape or paint. Plus, virtual lines are highly visible even in low light conditions and last years rather than months.
  • Motion Activated SafetyCastâ„¢ Virtual Sign Projectors – modular, eye safe, IP65 rated, plug and play LED projector capable of projecting high-contrast safety signage when motion is detected. Using motion sensors, forklift activity at intersections is monitored and STOP signs are flashed when activity detected. This sudden change in the environment due to flashing signs, enhances pedestrian awareness of on-coming hazards and overcomes complacency to static traffic signs.   
  • Projected Crosswalks – using the latest LED technology, we created a series of pedestrian cross walks throughout the facility. These LED projectors are modular in design, IP65 rated, eye safe and plug and play. Installation requires minutes and operates on 110/240VAC power.  

When asked about their experience working with Laserglow, Christopher Votaw, Head of Special Projects and Distinguished Associate at Corning Incorporated said, “The solution exceeded my expectations. The implementation plans were detailed and install material per area explained what went where. The experience has been nothing but positive. Your help made this buying/install process as pain free as something like this could be. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Laserglow in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending their solutions!”