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In collaboration with the optogenetics research community, we've put together this hardware kit designed specifically for new and expanding optogenetics labs.
The kit includes all of the optics and accessories you need to attach the laser to your subject. All components have been specially selected to work together, to eliminate compatibility issues and let you move forward with confidence.
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Laser Accessories

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Safety Goggles
Accessories and Optics for Lab Lasers
Accessories and Optics for Brightline Alignment Lasers
Accessories for Portable Lasers and Laser Pointers

Safety Goggles

Fitover Safety Goggles - Fit Over Prescription Glasses, 190nm-1070nm.
$89.00 - $289.00

Sport Safety Goggles - Sunglass-style frames for greater comfort.
$89.00 - $155.00

Accessories and Optics For Lab Lasers

Modular Optics Kits - External modulators, variable attenuators, free-space fiber launch systems, breadboard mounting hardware.
$69.00 - $2815.00

Optogenetics Starter Kit: A complete optogenetics light delivery system, perfect for new or expanding optogenetics labs.

FC/PC Fiber Couplers/Collimators For Laboratory/OEM Laser Modules
$350.00 - $400.00

SMA Fiber Couplers/Collimators For Laboratory/OEM Lasers
$350.00 - $1288.00

Fiber Optic Patch Cable: Multimode, FC/PC Connectors
$168.00 - $500.00

Fiber Optic Patch Cable: Multimode, SMA Connectors
$300.00 - $1460.00

Fiber Optic Patch Cable: Single Mode, FC/PC Connectors
$300.00 - $360.00

Fiber Optic Patch Cable: Single Mode, SMA Connectors
$300.00 - $360.00

Fiber Clip: Immobilize and manage fiber optic cabling on an optical breadboard.

Laser Power Meters
$199.00 - $1300.00

Line-Generating Optic For Laboratory/OEM Lasers (Homogeneous Power Distribution)

Custom Carrying Cases for Laserglow Lab and OEM Lasers
$59.00 - $139.00

Accessories and Optics For Brightline Alignment Lasers

Brightline Standard Mounting Bracket - Basic static mounting for simple tasks.

Brightline Adjustable Beam Attenuator

Brightline Splitter and Extension Cables
$15.00 - $24.00

Add positioning flexibility with these industrial grade accessories

Virtually unlimited positioning options for even the tightest work spaces and installations

Add positioning flexibility with these industrial grade accessories

Brightline Deluxe Mounting Bracket - Greater flexibility and precision for more complex tasks.
$29.00 - $45.00

Diffractive Optical Elements are available in a variety of patterns including lines, crosses, parallel lines, circles, reticles, and grids.

Accessories For Portable Lasers and Laser Pointers

Custom Engraving On Any Laser Pointer - Get customized high-resolution laser-etched text on your new laser pointer. Great for gifts!

AC Power Adapter for Hercules, Scorpius Pro and Scorpius-D Pro - Power your portable laser with household current.

GlowMount Tripod Adapter - Easily mount your laser to a standard camera tripod.
$24.00 - $29.00

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