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NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT! Laserglow’s Hazard Zone Safety Series provides visual warnings to pedestrians and vehicles in accident prone areas, or areas with mobile machinery sharing floorspace with pedestrians. These products are weatherproof, thus ideal for indoor and outdoor use. All products are designed for industrial applications to increase safety in potentially dangerous areas where cranes, forklifts and other material handling equipment is used. Take advantage of our 20% introductory, pre-delivery discount on all products in our Hazard Safety Projection Series.
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New Lab Start-Up Program

We're pleased to introduce the New Lab Start-Up Program. This program is offered to any educational institution or research centre that is in the process of setting up a new lab or research facility.

What is the New Lab Start-Up Program?

The New Lab Start-Up Program is designed to help you get your new lab up and running as economically as possible. The program offers exclusive discounts, resources, and tips.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for the program if you are:
  • Opening a new lab within your institution or company
  • Starting a new facility where Laserglow laboratory products will be operated
  • Directed to the program by your Laserglow sales representative

What are the benefits?

By participating in this program, you receive:
  • Exclusive discount on the first order of Laserglow laser systems
  • Exclusive discount on extended warranty options
  • Best-in-class pre and post sales support, technical support and service

How to join the program?

It's simple! Just send the details of your lab to and we'll contact you with your special pricing and enrolment benefits. Or call us at 1-866-924-1416 to enrol over the phone.
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