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High Visibility (5 mW) Green Dot Projection Laser

LBS-532-TD-5 (BDG)

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Highest precision focusable alignment lasers for maximum visibility in all lighting conditions.

Laserglow's dot-generating laser modules will provide you with a quick reference point for any alignment application. The Brightline Pro Green Dot generating modules incorporate focus-adjustable optics, greatly increasing the precision for tasks requiring the highest level of accuracy or greater working distance. In addition, green lasers are four to five times more visible to the human eye than red lasers of the same output power, making the Brightline Pro Green lasers a versatile alignment solution for any lighting conditions.

Key Features:

  • Starting at: $319
  • Output Power: <5 mW
  • Expected Life: 3000-5000 hours
  • Projection Type (dot/line/cross): Dot
  • Key Feature: Projects a highly visible focus-adjustable green dot for high precision applications.
  • Minimum achievable spot size: 0.25 mm at 30 cm
  • Package Includes: Alignment laser mounted in block (mounting bracket, attenuator and power supply optional)
  • Casing: Machined Aluminum

Specifications & Technical Drawings

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High Visibility (5 mW) Green Dot Projection Laser

(BDG-B1 Specification Sheet)