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Product > Brightline Splitter and Extension Cables

Power Splitter/Extension Cables

For Brightline and VirtuaLine Lasers

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Brightline Extension and Splitter Cables

Extension Cables:
Use the 6 foot extension cable to add flexibility to your installation in applications where more distance is required between the laser module and the power supply.

Splitter Cables:
Add up to 4 Brightline laser modules for each power supply. This cuts down on extra power supplies for tight installations or where AC power outlets are in short supply.

Application Notes:

  1. Splitters and extension cables can be daisy-chained together if required
  2. Maximum recommended distance between laser and power supply is 3 meters (15 feet)
  3. Only for use with standard Brightline power supply ABF00AXXX
    (Not recommended for adjustable power supply APB00AXXX)
  4. A single standard power supply can power:
    Two 40 mW Brightline Pro Green Lasers, or
    Five 5 mW Brightline Pro Green Lasers, or
    Eight 40 mW Brightline Pro Red Lasers, or
    Twenty 5 mW Brightline Pro or Economy Red Lasers