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Product > Brightline Pro Red Line Projecting Alignment Laser

Mid Visibility (5 mW - 40 mW) Pro Red Line Projection Laser

LBD-635-TL (BLP)

Not sure what fan angle you need? Use the Fan Angle Calculator!

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5 mW
25 mW
40 mW


High precision alignment lasers with adjustable focus and other pro features.

Laserglow's line-generating laser modules are ideal for any application where a highly visible line projected on to a surface is needed. Laser modules are available with fan angles from 4 degrees to 100 degrees, determining the projected line length at a given distance. The Brightline Pro Red Line generating laser modules incorporate focus-adjustable optics, greatly increasing the precision for tasks requiring a higher level of accuracy or greater working distance.

Key Features:

  • Starting at: $229
  • Output Power: 5 mW to 40 mW
  • Expected Life: 3000-5000 hours
  • Projection Type (dot/line/cross): Line
  • Key Feature: Projects a focus-adjustable red line for high precision applications.
  • Minimum achievable line thickness: 0.5 mm at 30 cm
  • Package Includes: Alignment laser mounted in block (mounting bracket, attenuator and power supply optional)
  • Casing: Machined Aluminum
  • Line Straightness: Better than 0.1% over full length

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