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Diamond and Jewelry Marking

Diamond and Jewelry Marking - Lasers are an ideal tool used for diamond planning and marking, allowing for perfect marking effect on the middle of the waist line of diamond.

Our system allows you to inscribe numbers, letters, trademarks, and logos on the girdle of a diamond allows the diamond to be easily identified. The inscription is visible under 10x magnification. This process does not affect the quality of the stone and is permanent provided the diamond is not repolished. Diamond manufacturers or any Branding diamond holding are now able to create their own brand name diamonds distinguishing their stones over the competition. Inscriptions can be done for any conceivable purpose, from branded inscriptions, insurance, reliable to send stones by memo and to personal dedications.

This is system is also useful for laboratories (GIA, IGI, AGS, GCAL, GRS, IGL, CGL, and many more) and jewelry dealers that wish to upgrade their certificates of authenticity.

Diamond Marking Lasers

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