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Forklift Hazard and Safety Solutions

Forklift/Truck Hazard Projection Solutions - Our Hazard Zone Safety Series provides visual warnings to pedestrians and vehicles in accident prone areas, or areas with mobile machinery sharing floor space with pedestrians. These products are weatherproof, thus ideal for indoor and outdoor use. All products are designed for industrial applications to increase safety in potentially dangerous areas where cranes, forklifts and other material handling equipment is used.

Lasers are widely used for alignment in a number of different industries. The Brightline Alignment Series of lasers are a valuable and versatile tool for accelerating your workflow. These lasers can help you to easily project 2D shapes onto target workpieces. These alignment lasers help simplify workflow and accelerates the entire alignment process. It further enhances product quality and eliminates the need for extraneous alignment tools.

We understand that your needs are specific and have designed a comprehensive selection of lasers for all budgets and requirements. Our staff is experienced in recommending the ideal laser alignment system for an extensive list of applications.

Industrial plants have Forklifts busily working. Operators frequently multitask and in a hurry to complete their tasks. Pedestrian workers are also busy doing their job in the same proximity as these material handling machines - with major safety hazards in play! This is where our Forklift Hazard Projection Solutions can help

Hazard Zone Projection Safety Products Benefits:

- Reduce incidents of human error injury - increases pedestrian and operator awareness of moving equipment or temporary machinery installations.

- High visibility, illuminated projections provide the pedestrian with clear knowledge of their proximity to moving equipment.

- Warns pedestrians from walking under a suspended/overhead load.

- Audible alarms do not provide pedestrians with a sense of proximity to moving equipment due to ambient noise spikes in the work zone

Forklift Hazard and Safety Solutions

Product Description Starting At In Stock
SafetyCast Hazard Illumination: Beacon

SafetyCast Hazard Illumination: Arrow (6W)

SafetyCast Hazard Illumination: Line (18W)

ForkLine - Forklift Hazard Indication Laser


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