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Laser Distance Meters

Self-Leveling and Rotating Lasers - Laserglow's distance meters are intended for use on active job sites.

- Instant measurements up to 70 meters (230 ft): Just point, click, done.

- Measure with greater accuracy:Up to +/- 1 mm. No scales to interpret or misread.

- Do the work of two: Instead of holding the tape, your helper can do other jobs.

- Speed up the job: Easily measure hard-to-access areas, like high ceilings, without climbing a ladder.

- Reduce estimating errors - let the meters do the math: Find area and volume. Easily add and subtract distances. Use Pythagoras calculations for height.

- Rugged tools: Rugged and reliable, dust- and splash-proof, you can work indoors and out with confidence.

Laser Distance Meters

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Laser Distance Meter
70 Meter Range

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