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Metal Marking

Metal Marking - Laserglow's MARK series lasers can produce highly durable marks without sacrificing the integrity of materials. MARK Series Pulsed Fiber Lasers offer short pulse duration pulses that make them the ideal solution for marking on materials with low heat effects. This technology offers the OEM integrator highly flexible control over pulse width and peak power. When marking metal surfaces, the high peak power of the laser engraves into the metal surface and creates a contrast. When using CW laser radiation, most steel, titanium and gold materials turn black creating an annealing contrast. Annealing is basically non-tactile which makes it the mark of choice for industries such as the medical industry. The absence of grooves meets medical requirements for hygienic cleaning.

Laserglow provides complete selection of enclosed and OEM integrated lasers that are used for metal marking. We understand that your needs are specific and have designed a comprehensive selection of lasers for all budgets and requirements. Our staff is experienced in recommending the ideal marking system for your application.

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