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Stereolithography - Stereolithography, where 3D Models are created with an extremely high level of detail and a smooth surface finish, is an excellent choice where a close approximation to the finished product is desired.

Stereolithography (SLA) typically uses a low power UV laser to selectively harden a photosensitive epoxy polymer in a bath to form a part. Key benefits of SLA are high accuracy and smooth surface finish of parts. Extreme finish detail capability can be reached with a wide range of materials. SLA is used in various industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Packaging, Electronics, Architecture, Medical and Government Research.

Laserglow delivers unique UV laser technology by offering the UV AOM Q-Switched DPSS Laser System.


Product WavelengthSpec Sheet Description Starting At In Stock
355 nm
355 nm AOM Q-Switched DPSS Laser System
100 - 500 mW Output Power
355 nm
355 nm AOM Q-Switched DPSS Laser System
1000 - 3000 mW Output Power

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