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Laser Docking System for Trucks and Trailers

Truck/Trailer Docking Solutions - Laserglow offers a variety of line lasers to define exterior and interior trucking lanes to assist drivers in laser-precision docking.

The Dockline System is the perfect truck and trailer docking assistant. These provide the driver with clear, visible indicators to assist in dock approach, reduce docking time, cargo damage and reduce possible injury to dock handlers.

Hazard Zone Projection Safety Products Benefits:

- Reduce incidents of human error injury – increases pedestrian and operator awareness of moving equipment or temporary machinery installations.

- High visibility, illuminated projections provide the pedestrian with clear knowledge of their proximity to moving equipment.

- Warns pedestrians from walking under a suspended/overhead load.

- Audible alarms do not provide pedestrians with a sense of proximity to moving equipment due to ambient noise spikes in the work zone

Laser Docking System for Trucks and Trailers

Product Spec Sheet Description Starting At In Stock
SafetyCast Hazard Illumination: Line (18W)
SafetyCast Hazard Illumination: Spot/Line (72/120W)
DockLine - Truck Docking Assistance Laser

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