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SafetyCast Virtual Sign Projectors

Industrial production floors and warehouses often use tape, paint, and adhesive safety labels for safety signage. However, these static signs can easily be obscured by machinery or the sign require regular touch up and maintenance because of wear. This poses the potential for serious injury to workers if safety signage is not prominently displayed.

A Virtual Sign has a longer lifetime than other forms of signage making it more cost-effective and reliable. Instead of constantly replacing old signage, virtual signage only requires a projector and an image lens to project the desired image.

Select Your Safetycast Virtual Sign System

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Forklift Caution
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Select Mounting Height

Welcome to the Virtual Sign Selection Wizard. This tool will help you select best virtual sign projector for your application.

Begin by selecting the height or distance at which you plan to mount your projector from the target surface. This will be used to calculate the size of the projection. The higher the projector is mounted, the larger the projection will be.

Mounting Height:
meters | feet
Select Final Product
Select your lighting environment:

Advantages of virtual signs:

  • Highly Durable - No wear and tear from foot traffic.
  • Cost Effective - Eliminates the need for repainting or purchasing new safety labels.
  • Ultra Visible - Attracts more attention because it is an active projection.
  • Easily interchangeable - Simply switch out the image projection lens when you need to project new signage

  • The SafetyCast Virtual Sign Projectors are the ideal way to display bright floor and wall safety signs in locations where there is high traffic, potential for a hazard, or uneven floors. The SafetyCast Virtual Projector uses an image lens and a high-output LED bulb to project a clear sign at distances of up to 70 m (230’). The SafetyCast Virtual Projector works well in almost all lighting conditions and is easy to mount and adjust. Once installed, there’s virtually no maintenance, and you won’t need to worry about replacing damaged signs on your floors or walls.

    Key Features:

  • High-contrast image projection
  • Powerful close-range and long-range projection
  • Up to 30,000 lumens output
  • Interchangeable image lenses
  • ‘Smart Triggered Projection’ using activity sensors
  • Rugged IP65-rated housing
  • Minimal maintenance – low total cost of ownership

  • A large variety of safety signage, from STOP signs to hazard zone are available and any custom image can be projected from these projectors. Image projection lens are easily interchangeable on-site.

    Compare all Benefits (10 signs)

    Sitickers 80W Projector 300W Projector

    Low material/initial cost

    Low cost of labour

    No surface preparation
    (concrete patching, repair small surface holes, cracks, and pores)

    No loss in productivity
    (shutdown of the facility or surface preparation)

    No additional upkeep

    Long Life

    Replacement 4x/year

    30,000 hours life

    30,000 hours life

    Annual Cost

    $24,000 $14,700 $25,700

    Cost Over 3 years
    (maintenance contract)

    $72,000 $20,070 $37,670

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