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Products > VirtuaLine Walkway & Lane Lasers

VirtuaLine Walkway & Lane Lasers

In high-performance environments, where heavy equipment and machinery operate, it is essential for pedestrian safety that clearly visible walkways, aisles, or lanes be defined to permit safe movement of people within the facility.

VirtuaLine Walkways and Line Lasers create an indestructible floor line that eliminates the need for maintenance required by floor tape and paint lines, changing the way you handle floor marking in your facility. The VirtuaLine series consists of plug and play laser line striping and virtual walkway projection systems with broad application within an Industrial environment.

These unique floor marking methods use either a high-intensity, eye-safe laser to project a line or a high visibility projector to create a virtual walkway onto any surface, indoors or outdoors. Using lightweight, flexible yet IP65+ rated durable units, it is easy to set up and requires little maintenance, so you won't need to worry about replacing or repairing floor tape and floor paint anymore.

Key Features:

  • Modular – Easily reconfigure spaces within your facility without stripping paint or tape
  • Highly Durable - No wear and tear from foot traffic
  • Cost Effective - Eliminates the need for repainting or retaping
  • Ultra Visible - Overcomes complacency by attracting more attention because of a dynamic projection
  • Smart Triggered - Optional capability to trigger signage using motion sensors, beam break sensors or push button


Fake Description


Return On Investment

LED (40W)
LED (80W)
Laser Lines
Line Length ()
Mounting Height ()
Materials Cost$399.00$479.00$899.00$1999.00$1.00$185.00$10.00
Cost/unit per linear
Labor Cost / Hour
Installation Manhours
Installation Costi
Min Lost Productivityi
Annual Electricity Costsi0.000.000.00
Replacement Freq.(months)60602460333
Total Cost over 5 years
Cost Per Linear i
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Colors Available:
Colors Available:

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Lighting Conditions:

Custom Values:

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