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Product > Galileo PRO Battery-Operated Alignment Laser

Galileo Pro

532 nm Green Laser Pointer with Adjustable Beam Direction

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Green laser with adjustable beam angle.

Galileo Pro with adjustable beam alignment. Adjustable set screws can be used to direct the beam parallel to the housing, as beams in most hand-held laser pointers are not guaranteed parallel. This makes the Galileo PRO a perfect choice where the body of the laser should serve as your alignment guide, or when the laser rotates on a shaft.

All of Laserglow's green laser pointers are IR-filtered for safety and employ APC technology to maintain constant output power. APC (Automatic Power Control) is a system that uses an optical feedback loop to ensure stable laser output.

Key Features:

  • Starting at: $129
  • Output Power: 3 mW - 5 mW (model dependent)
  • Casing: Hard Anodized black machined aluminum
  • Wavelength: 532 nm (green)
  • Key Feature: 100% continuous operation
  • Key Feature: 4 Adjustable set screws to allow beam steerage
  • Package Includes: Portable laser, battery, Allen key, carrying case, instructions/warranty.
  • Safety Info: Complies with Class IIIa regulations.
  • Duty Cycle: 100%

Quality, safety and unique features make Laserglow the leader in green pointers. Learn more here.

Specifications & Technical Drawings

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Galileo Pro

(GGE-GGE Specification Sheet)