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532 nm Green Laser Pointer

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Lyra Series High-End Green Laser Pointer

The Lyra series green laser pointers are a perfect choice for business meetings, classroom presentations and safe home laser experimentation. Five to ten times more visible than common red laser pointers, the Lyra series are ideal for maximizing visibility, even on bright projection screens, while not compromising safety. Available in three carefully selected finishes to match any style. With the look of a high-end fountain pen and the function of a quality timepiece, the Lyra is great to own and even better to give as a gift!

All of Laserglow's green laser pointers are IR-filtered for safety and employ APC technology to maintain constant output power. APC (Automatic Power Control) is a system that uses an optical feedback loop to ensure stable laser output.

Key Features:

  • Starting at: $49
  • Output Power: 1 mW - 5 mW (model dependent)
  • Wavelength: 532 nm (green)
  • Key Feature: High-Quality Build, All AR-coated optics, most models available in 3 finishes
  • Casing: Solid Brass with pocket clip
  • Package Includes: Portable laser, batteries, instructions/warranty.
  • Safety Info: Complies with Class IIIa regulations, contains high-quality IR filter
  • Duty Cycle: 90 sec. on/20 sec. off

Quality, safety, unique features, and range make Laserglow the leader in green pointers. Learn more here.

Specifications & Technical Drawings

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