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Product > Scorpius D Pro Series 808 nm Portable Infrared Laser

Scorpius-D Pro

808 nm Portable Green Laser

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Scorpius-D Pro High Power Portable IR Laser

The Scorpius-D Pro Series, a portable diode laser emitting at 808 nm, produces a completely invisible laser beam. Extreme caution must be used when operating any infrared laser as the human eye will not detect it. Laser safety goggles are included with each Scorpius Series laser. The Scorpius-D Pro Series is available at up to >2.0 W, much greater output power levels than those available in visible-wavelength portable lasers. In addition the price per milliwatt of output power is a fraction of the cost of visible lasers. Ideal for IR laser experimentation such as building a 532 nm laser using Nd:YVO4 and KTP crystals to produce green laser light at 532 nm.

Laserglow's Scorpius-D Pro Series IR portable lasers are individually tested using a laser power meter for a 20-minute continuous period to ensure sustained performance. This test is done at least 3 times before being shipped to the customer.

Key Features:

  • Starting at: $1889
  • Output Power: >2.0 W
  • Key Feature: The most powerful portable laser available anywhere!
  • Wavelength: 808 nm (Infrared)
  • Casing: Hard Anodized Machined Aluminum
  • Package Includes: Portable laser, laser safety goggles, aluminum framed carrying case, instructions/warranty.
  • Warranty: 6 Month Standard/12 Month Extended
  • Safety Info: Class IV
  • Duty Cycle: 100%

U.S. Orders: This laser cannot be shipped to the United States. If you live in the USA please consider the 808 nm laboratory laser, which provides similar output but is not portable. Click here for more information.

Canadian Orders: This laser can be shipped within Canada to Canadian companies who provide the following documentation:
  • A valid LSO Certificate with a certified Laser Safety Officer on the premises
  • A company purchase order
  • A signed Declaration of Use. Please contact our sales department for this form

  • Specifications & Technical Drawings

    Download PDF Document

    Scorpius-D Pro

    (GSS-GSS Specification Sheet)