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About Laserglow

About Laserglow

Laserglow Technologies aims to provide the highest quality photonics products backed by the best customer service in the industry.

In 2003, Laserglow Technologies began as a supplier of laser equipment to the hobbyist and educational market. Demand for Laserglow's products and services quickly grew to encompass research and industrial applications, leading to incorporation in 2005. Our comprehensive product selection now features our Brightline Alignment Series, laser module systems for a wide scope of scientific, industrial and OEM applications and a complete selection of laser accessories including laser safety equipment. .

At Laserglow Technologies we strive to be a socially responsible corporate citizen. We value our place in our local community, strive to protect the environment for current and future generations, and honor our ties to the global village. Laserglow's Team is involved at all levels with programs to minimize our impact on the environment and to maximize the potential of communities both near and far. Please visit our Social Responsibility page here for more information regarding our initiatives.


"Bringing Solutions To light".

Who We Are

Our excellent sales and customer service team is here to help you find the perfect product for any application, to provide prompt shipment status updates, and to offer long-term customer support to guide customers through the use and operation of our products. Our unique advantage in the photonics technology marketplace is our ability to offer competitive prices while providing custom-tailored solutions. Meeting customers needs for greater than six years within the optoelectronics industry we have the experience and expertise necessary to offer the best product solutions. Whatever your laser product needs, we have technicians, sales representatives, and other experienced staff standing by to assist you with all aspects of your project. We offer both complete solutions stocked and ready to ship overnight as well as highly customized systems made to order. We are experienced in and welcome inquiries from all industries, including aerospace/aviation, astronomy, biotechnology, chemistry and chemical engineering, communications, forensics, holography, machine vision including laser alignment, construction and manufacturing, military/tactical, business presentations, laser light shows, wildlife control and other industrial and laboratory applications.

We will bring solutions to light.

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Please note that our office is not a retail location, so we cannot assist you without an appointment. Please call ahead at 416-729-7976 to arrange a one-to-one meeting with our exceptional sales staff! Or contact us by clicking here