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Our tripods are compact, adjustable, and perfect for stable hands-free operation of a battery-operated laser. The standard 1/4-20 threading (the same as any other camera tripod) allows for attachment to our GlowMount tripod adapter which is suitable for the Galileo, Aries, Hercules, Orion, Vega, or Scorpius lasers. It even attaches directly to any of our Brightline Series alignment lasers. The tripods fold up for easy storage or travel, and when fully extended they offer a stable platform so your laser beam will stay fixed on target at any range.

Hold your laser steady and hands-free with the GlowMount Universal Tripod Adaptor for our Aries, Hercules and Galileo series lasers. Each tripod adaptor is specially machined to fit our lasers perfectly, and mounts to any standard camera tripod using a -20 thread. Great for construction, alignment, long-exposure photography, steady long range pointing and any other application that demands a stable beam. The black anodized coating prevents scratching and accidental reflections for safety and durability.

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For Brightline and Horizon Series

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