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Laser Engravers

Laser engraving or marking, is an integral part of industrial processing. An integral component of ISO Quality Standard compliance is materials traceability. Laser marking can provide an indelible high-contrast mark in the material itself, with no direct contact with the material other than through the incident laser beam.

The short pulse duration for our lasers make them the ideal solution for marking on many materials with low heat effects. When marking metal surfaces or non-metal surfaces such as plastics, organics, leather, etc., the high peak power of the laser engraves into the materials surface and creates a contrast.

These lasers are an ideal tool used for diamond planning and marking, allowing for perfect marking effect on the middle of the waist line of diamond.

Laserglow provides a complete selection of enclosed and OEM integrated lasers that are used for marking and engraving.

MARK Series OEM Fiber Lasers

High performance and cost-effective solutions for permanent marking on all types of materials.

Fiber laser marking is widely recognized as one of the most effective marking technologies and offers a multitude of solutions for any industry.

An integral component of ISO Quality Standard compliance is materials traceability. The performance of any materials traceability solutions relies on effective, reliable and visible data matrix codes or optical character recognition (OCR) characters.

The MARK Series Pulsed Fiber Lasers allow manufacturers to automate marking operations and ensure a high level of control. This technology consists of a high frequency beam generated from a laser source that is amplified and directed towards a part to be marked. The consistent modular design allows easy integration into any type of system.


MARK Series Pulsed Fiber Lasers are the tools of choice no matter what the material. They produce permanent marks with a non-contact process at high speed with high precision. Laser marking requires no consumables and marks are computer generated and are therefore highly flexible.

Innovative Technology

MARK Series Pulsed Fiber Lasers offer short pulse duration pulses that make them the ideal solution for marking on materials with low heat effects. This technology offers the OEM integrator highly flexible control over pulse width and peak power.

No Maintenance

MARK Series Pulsed Fiber Lasers are designed to ensure long and maintenance free operation. Our 12 step quality inspection procedures during the manufacturing process ensures stable and reliable product quality. These lasers have been designed with specific attention to enhance the ease of OEM integration, enabling easy adoption of the full product features and range.

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