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CW 1910 nm Lasers

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The LRS-1910 Series of Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) Lasers are ideal for applications requiring 10 mW to 500 mW of 1910 nm laser light with a high level of long-term output power stability and long operating lifetime at an aggressively competitive cost.

These lasers are commonly used for various scientific applications such as measurement, communications research, spectral analysis, and a broad spectrum of other applications. The driver is available as a complete FDA-compliant system or as an O.E.M. component with significantly reduced dimensions.

Available with both on-board and remote on/off control as well as a wide array of output power and stability levels, Laserglow products are currently being used by some of the World’s top universities and other prominent research facilities.

Product WavelengthSpec Sheet Description Starting At In Stock
1910 nm
1910 nm DPSS Laser System
10 - 200 mW Output Power

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