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Green Rotary Self-Levelling Laser

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Horizon Series Laser Levels

The Horizon series of self-levelling alignment lasers are ideal for any application where a level indication is needed. These Laser levels are available with standard red or high-visibility green emission lines, and are designed to ensure accuracy for complex leveling and plumbing applications.

Every alignment task requires a layout of the work, installation of work-pieces and angle-control. Each of these tasks is accomplished by determining plumb, level and square reference. Laserglow's Horizon Series laser levels have been developed to provide critical layout reference lines and points for any job site. These are self-leveling, compact and offer durable, accurate and fast laser alignment.

Applications: Suspended ceiling construction, partition construction, installation of electricity, air-conditioners and water pipes, marble, tile and floorboard paving, interior decoration and measuring-related work where leveling and plumbing is needed. Achieve maximum precision in your work with Laserglow's lineup of laser levels!

Key Features:

  • Starting at: $149
  • Output Color: Red or Green
  • Expected Life: 10,000 hours
  • Key Feature: Projects highly visible self-levelling lines for high precision applications.
  • Minimum achievable line thickness: 0.25 mm at 30 cm
  • Package Includes: Self-levelling laser with carrying case, magnetic ceiling target, and more (model dependant)
  • Line Straightness: Better than 0.1% over full length