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Bird Abatement

Bird Abatement - Deterring pest birds from open and semi-open spaces has long posed a costly and nagging challenge to property owners and managers. While noisemakers like propane cannons can scatter bird pests, they can also be disruptive and must be repeated often to keep birds from coming back. Lethal means of bird control-poisons, pellet guns and inhumane traps-are illegal in many areas, as many birds are protected by law.

Laserglow's FALCON series lasers provides an effective, humane solution. It uses advanced, patented optical laser-beam technology to harmlessly repel pest birds over great distances-up to 2,000 meters. The handheld device is silent and completely portable. Pest birds react to the green beam as they would an approaching car, so they flee the area. Yet, unlike some deterrent devices, birds will not get used to the laser beam's implied threat.

The FALCON series laser has been scientifically designed to remove even the most stubborn pest birds from open spaces like ball parks, stadiums, monuments, marinas, dump sites, ponds, golf courses and other troublesome areas. The FALCON lasers are also highly effective in deterring pest birds in and around big box stores, warehouses, airplane hangers and other semi-enclosed areas. The device provides an easy, affordable, and silent way to remove troublesome birds.

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Many of our U.S. based commercial customers are professional bird and pest controllers, and the green Aries laser is quickly becoming an indispensable part of their arsenal against geese and other unwanted birds. The laser is small, cost-effective, easy to use, and (most importantly) it actually works!

The following is an except from an article written by Larry Gilhuly, Northwest Director, USGA. (Emphasis added by Laserglow.) "...During a recent USGA Turf Advisory Service visit to Waverley Country Club, the assistant golf course superintendent, Scott Kirkpatrick, demonstrated the effective use of the Aries Laser to move Canada geese off their property. With the Willamette River rolling along their two par-five finishing holes, Canada geese are a constant problem with both their eating and relieving habits. When activated, this simple laser, that is no larger than the rifle scope, produces a green light that is aimed at the birds. We observed individual pairs and a flock of more than 50 Canada geese immediately take flight from more than 200 yards away. Mr. Kirkpatrick then showed how he could move them down the river by aiming it at the geese on the water; and they promptly took flight.

...Mr. Kirkpatrick also mentioned that he thought about the potential use for crows when he heard their normal amount of noise this spring. He experimented by aiming the laser over the trees in two directions. Within seconds, the entire flock was airborne and heading away from the property..."

Source: Larry Gilhuly, Published on USGA.org March 24, 2010.

For the full article on USGA.org please click here.

Our customers have recommended that the laser should be pointed at a spot several yards away from the birds, and then moved towards them to invoke a fright response. The laser does not have the be targeted directly on the birds and this offers a safe and humane method for scaring them off of your property without causing any harm to the animal or the environment.

The recommended power level varies from 75 mW to 150 mW, depending on the range which you need to cover and the lighting conditions. If dawn or dusk are your troublesome times, then 75 mW may do. If you need to cover a larger area or work under direct sunlight then 100-150 mW may be necessary. For help choosing the right power level for your application, contact us today!

Falcon Series Bird Abatement Lasers
Portable Laser System
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Falcon Series Bird Abatement Lasers
Portable Laser System
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