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Superior visibility, safety, quality and price

- Green laser pointers are five times as bright as red laser pointers

- All green laser pointers sold by Laserglow have a quality IR filter installed for your safety

- Every laser pointer model we offer is built to be not only competitively priced but to be durable and stylish as well.

At Laserglow Technologies we strive to offer the highest quality laser products. That's why we carry green laser pointers for countless applications, including presentations.

When you cannot compromise on visibility a green laser pointer is the right choice. Green laser pointers are five times as bright as red laser pointers of the same output power. This is because the human eye is the most sensitive to green light. Also, the optics required to produce green light versus red light result in better beam characteristics and a more concentrated and visible spot of light.

* Canadian customers Bulletin: Government Canada has released new usage warnings for handheld laser pointers. Please see the link below for more information Government Canada Regulations

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