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Application > Road Marking and Guidance Lasers

Road Marking and Guidance Lasers

The RoadGuide Guidance Laser System utilizes an ultra-high permeability green laser to build up visual line control for your paint striping machine, weapon carriage bundle, black-top wholesaler, street widener, asphalt profiler or basically any application requiring vehicle line control. The Operator changes the laser spot to the coveted reference point out and about surface physically at the laser. The laser spot is affected straightforwardly out and about surface and demonstrates the Operator precisely where the vehicle is with respect to "on line." The laser spot is out and about in front of the Operator so the reference is in the driving field of view rather than a T.V. screen or blast pointer. It is quick to set up and simple to utilize.

The Advantages

- For truck control, you can set your reference 20 to 30 feet out in front of the vehicle impacting on the road.

- You are looking in your natural driving field of view at the reference point.

- You can reduce or eliminate pre-marking and the high cost associated with it.

- Eliminates using a boom and the problems associated with it such as bouncing on rough surfaces, safety, and the mechanical size and constraint of the mechanism.

- Safer! Paint up to intersections without the worry of injury or damage to people or other vehicles caused by mechanical arm extending out in front of the truck.

- Eliminates having to drive looking at a screen instead of the road.

- Reduces or eliminates the problem of “white-out” in low sun conditions.

- Greatly increases the machine’s maneuverability.

- Much less strain on the Operator. It reduces fatigue and increases skill load.

- It’s more versatile. It’s easier. It’s faster. It’s safer.


- Highway Paint Stripping

- Road Wideners

- Rumble Strip Machines

- Water Blasting Trucks

- Asphalt Pavers

- Profilers


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