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Laser Structured Light Sources

The combination of laser illumination and machine vision offers interesting possibilities for the automation of optical quality control. Machine Vision Lasers are used as structured lighting in many image processing systems. With this form of illumination, the spatial contours of both moving and stationary objects can be captured. The lasers are used to detect presence, defects, diameters, edges, gaps, and more, and to subsequently measure and align them. Depending on the type of objects to be inspected, line lasers, or various patterns (dot, grids, crosses, circles, etc.) and wavelengths (red, green, blue) can be used accordingly.

Laser Structured Light Sources

Product Description Starting At In Stock
Low Visibility (5 mW) Economy Red Cross Projection Laser
LBD-635-NC-5 (BCR)
Low Visibility (5 mW) Economy Red Dot Projection Laser
LBD-635-ND-5 (BDR)
Low Visibility (5 mW) Economy Red Line Projection Laser
LBD-635-NL-5 (BLR)
Mid Visibility (5 mW - 40 mW) Pro Red Cross Projection Laser
LBD-635-TC / LBD-660-TC (BCP)
Low Visibility (5 mW) Pro Red Dot Projection Laser
LBD-635-TD-5 (BDP)
High Visibility (5 mW - 20 mW) Green Line Projection Laser
LBS-532-TL (BLG)
Mid Visibility (5 mW - 40 mW) Pro Red Line Projection Laser
LBD-635-TL (BLP)
High Visibility (5 mW - 20 mW) Green Cross Projection Laser
LBS-532-TC (BCG)

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