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Optic Kits

Complete optics kits with breadboard mounting hardware.
External modulators, variable attenuators, free-space fiber launch systems, etc.

Laserglow's modular optics kits provide you with enhanced functionality for your laser, plus all of the parts required to properly mount the optical components to a breadboard. The posts, screws, clamps, etc. are all included, so you can be confident that you'll be ready to start your work as soon as your order is delivered. These kits enable external modulation and attenuation for lasers which do not offer these features internally. (e.g. Low-noise lasers, SLM lasers, and certain specific wavelengths.) Additionally, when you need to output a square wave the use of an external modulator or shutter often provides a "cleaner" output waveform than you could achieve by using the laser's internal modulation circuit.

Simply choose which modules you require:
  • Benchtop-sized Optical Breadboards
    • Small enough to be easily moved from one area to another.
  • Variable Attenuators
    • Reduce the output power of the beam without affecting other beam characteristics like power stability, wavelength, etc.
  • Shutters and Modulators
    • Produce clean square waves even if the laser itself cannot be modulated internally.
  • Breadboard Mounting Kits
    • Provides complete mounting hardware, riser plates, etc. so you can mount your Laserglow laser at the appropriate height to utilize the other optics kits.
  • Free-space Fiber Launch Systems
    • Allows you to couple a laser beam from free space into an optical fiber. Suitable for use with our optics kits or your own proprietary optics.
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In Vivo Opto-G Starter Kit

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